Saturday, August 24, 2013

Maus box

I've been reading some articles lately about shitty burlesque, and class wars in burlesque, and what you should be doing in burlesque. I'll be honest, I couldn't get through the entire article about class wars in burlesque. I have a very short internet attention span. These articles have got me thinking. Yikes! I should be gluing rhinestones to things, not thinking! But here I am, thinking. These articles say so many things. Don't work out your body image issues on stage. Work it out onstage! That's what burlesque is for! You don't need to be trained in dance or drama to be on stage. You absolutely must be trained in dance or drama to be onstage. It leaves me wondering what to think. When I get down to the meat and potatoes of it, I just want to be entertained. I mean, really. I've been saying this a lot in the last few days. It's burlesque, nobody is gonna die. I don't mean to dismiss anyone's feelings about burlesque or their performances. But why did we get into this in the first place? And why do people pay to see the shows? I don't care if you are working out your body issues on stage, or you've never danced a day in your life. ENTERTAIN ME. Connect with me. Show me that you care about me, the audience member, because ultimately I'm selfish and I want you to perform for me, not for yourself. Even if you are, which I am, when I'm performing. But a big part of my performances are connecting with the audience. I hope, I've never been in the audience while I'm performing. Heh. While I'm on this thought train, lets talk about body issues. Just a little. I only have a little something to say about it. We all see these memes on Facebook about how much you should like thick women, or curvy women, and we see these photos of women who are not the "norm." They are basically the same picture. Just larger or smaller. Big hips, small waists, big boobs. Of COURSE we love women who look like that. Why can't we post the pictures of women with small boobs, small waists and big hips? Or women with big boobs, no waists and stomachs that aren't flat? To me, these photos are saying love your hourglass figure! That's ok! It doesn't matter how big your hourglass figure is, as long as it's hourglass. I also recently saw that plus size pin up thing that was going around. Did anyone else notice that almost none of those photos were in an actual pin up pose? The model was posed in funny ways, like chasing chickens, or fishing, or chasing her papers that had blown away in the wind, making her look like she was stupid. It's ok to be fat, as long as you're funny. I'm not overweight, and I'm also sensitive, so I probably have no right to talk about this. (Actually, according to the medical definition of obesity, I am overweight. So there.) So I'm just saying, go ahead, work out your body issues onstage. Start doing burlesque despite the fact that you've never taken a dance or drama class in your life. Just entertain me. That's all I want. If you feel differently than me, that's great. One of the beautiful things about the human race is we all feel differently about things. Your opinion is correct, but so is mine. I love you all no matter what! So that's that, I'll step off my Maus box and get back to gluing rhinestones on things. Love and Cheese Danger Maus


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