Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer comings and goings

Hello all! It's been awhile. Sorry, the Maus has been so busy! First was Sinner Saint Burlesque from Seattle, and WOW, what an amazing, smart, beautiful, wonderful group of people! I hope you all caught the show. In addition, VivaVoom has only just recently returned from The Burlesque Hall of Fame Pageant in Las Vegas. What a whirlwind of love, glitter, and inspiration! I think I speak for all of our troupe members when I say I'm ready to work harder than ever to improve my burlesque performance. I hope you all are watching for it as our season begins in September! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Burlesque Hall of Fame, it started as a collection of stripper memorabilia by Jennie Lee. It was originally called Exotic World, and it was located at an abandoned goat farm in the desert between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. When Jennie died, her friend Dixie Evans took over and she started the Miss Exotic World, now known as the Burlesque Hall of Fame pageant, to draw attention to the museum. The winner is crowned the Reigning Queen of Burlesque. This has grown over the years to become what it is today, one of the largest gatherings in the community of burlesque and one of the best parties I have ever been to. This fantastic weekend supports the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum, which documents the history of American Burlesque. We took a troupe field trip to the museum, and it was unbelievable. So many amazing women, and men, have come before us to pave the way for us to perform and express ourselves in this way. It's truly mind blowing. One of my favorite things about the weekend, besides the rhinestones, is the community. You all know what happens when a group of women get together. Not here. Every person I met was kind, considerate, supportive and genuine. I'm not sure if this is the type of person burlesque attracts, or if taking your clothes off makes you a nicer person, but I have never felt more loved and supported than when I am with burlesque performers. I love that there is a community out there that has my back. And my panties. The warmth and love I felt was unbelievable. So, after this crazy inspirational love fest, VivaVoom is back to bring this love and inspiration to the masses. I hope when you see any of us perform, you feel this love for yourself. At the core of any of my performances, there is love. Love for my audience, love for my troupe members, love for myself. This feeling of love is my greatest inspiration. Without it, I can't say where I'd be. Until next time, lovers!

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